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Non-Consensual Content Policy

1. Consensus between people featured in photos and videos is central to the safety of users of our platform.

a. For all persons who upload content to the platform and are visible in it, a consensus between those involved has been documented in writing and is available at the time of publication. In addition, the content must comply with our Model Terms of Service.

b. Content that we identify as violating our non-consensual content policy will be removed. The user account in question will be blocked.

2. What is non-consensual content? The following content may not be published on our platform without the consent of the persons depicted:

a. Content depicting sexual activity or nudity created without the consent of the subjects depicted;

b. depictions of non-consensual sexual activity, including forced sexual activity, rape or sexual assault;

c. Content posted by anyone in a public or private setting without the written consent of that person (e.g., hidden camera/spy cam or upskirting content);

d. Individuals who are disabled or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and engaged in sexual activity;

e. the distribution of sexually explicit depictions of another person without their written consent (also commonly referred to as “revenge porn");

f. doxing”, which is defined as disclosing personally identifiable information about a specific individual, including their phone number, email address, physical address or full name;

g. “deep fakes” of any kind (media manipulation of depictions of a person in the form of images or videos in order to deceive or mislead the viewer into believing that the person is acting or speaking in the manner depicted, without any artistic basis whatsoever).

The consensus must be apparent to a reasonable viewer from the material itself, which can be done through either verbal or visual cues.

3. Content related to the topics listed below may be removed by our moderators, while appropriate action may be taken against the user account in question:

a. We do not allow the publication of content that:

  • A performer is rendered incapacitated or completely unconscious as a result of possession, spells, spells or hypnosis;
  • Actors show signs of distress or panic during or after the action.

b. If the content includes a sleep component, the person concerned must wake up within a reasonable time after the beginning of the sexual act(s) and the consent must be made clear by the person concerned.

c. If a scene involves the use of gags, restraints, or other devices (sadomaso, bondage, etc.) that make it impossible for a performer to speak or move clearly, the consensus for continued participation in the action must be clear from the footage recognizable, or if this is not possible, the consensus must be made clearly recognizable by means of other verbal or visual indications.

d. Sub-dom fantasies: Consensus must be clearly identifiable from the material itself through clear verbal or visual cues.

4. Enforcement: We stand by our commitment to keeping our users safe.

a. As a content-sharing platform, Ohlala.com relies on a team of human moderators to review all uploaded content for violations of our Terms of Service, address user concerns, and remove any non-consensual content identified by us or to which we are made aware.

b. In addition, we actively work with criminal investigators and respond promptly to reasonable legal requests to prevent the dissemination or distribution of non-consensual recordings through the Ohlala.com platform.

c. The members of our community have an important role to play in helping to protect the integrity and security of our platform. If you have direct knowledge of any content on the Platform that violates these guidelines or is otherwise illegal or abusive, send us a content removal request via [email protected].

5. Consequences of Violating This Policy: Whenever we identify or are made aware of content that violates this policy, our moderation team will act promptly to:

a. review and remove infringing content;

b. to block or permanently terminate the connected uploader accounts if necessary.

Last updated July 2022

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