At Ohlala we connect users as fast as possible for paid dates. What happens on this date is confidential.

Rules Of The Game

How does Ohlala work for men?

Men can register for free and create a profile. The more you reveal yourself, the
more contact suggestions for the date.

Men can create a request and set time, date, location, budget and expectations for
the date. This is then visible to all women in the city where you are looking for a paid

How does Ohlala work for women?

Women can create a profile. By the way: The more informative the photos, the more
likely a man is to get involved in a chat.

In the overview you will see current “file requests". You can look at the men’s
profiles. If you like it, you can introduce yourself for the date. If he also likes the
profile, he will open the chat. Then you can discuss the concept of your date and
clarify the last details.

Who are the Ohlala users?

Those people who appreciate the convenience of an uncomplicated meeting, where
the fronts are very clear. At Ohlala, our concept is: fun on time. 


What does Ohlala cost?
The freemium version of Ohlala is free of charge for women. This means, women may apply for dates for free and wait until the man unlocks the chat. However, if they want to take the first step, they can unlock the chat themselves and start a conversation. To test the feature, women get 30 Coins for free. If they like the feature, they can buy further Coins und the option “Buy Coins".

Men get 30 coins for free to test Ohlala during profiling. If you like Ohlala, you can buy different coin packages on the website under the option “Buy Coins" and pay for paid functions on Ohlala – without having to buy a contract membership. This means the coins only pay for the benefits you actually claim on Ohlala.

What are paid features on Ohlala?

By the way, posting and sending the request is free. We will then display all ladies who are interested in meeting with you offline. If you want to open the chat, you pay for the contact you want to chat with.

Paid Dates

What’s happening on the date?

Each date is different. To get an idea, you can read the expectation of the user in the “data description". Then you already know what you might be getting involved with – everything is possible – from casual dinner company to hot dates behind closed doors.

What are other measures to maintain a sophisticated and classy community?

It is possible to flag or report users. We investigate individual cases in order to exclude black sheep from the platform.